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Sounds & Speech (6th Edition)

Sounds & Speech (6th Edition)
  • Sounds & Speech (6th Edition)
  • Sounds & Speech (6th Edition)

Packed in sets of 20 and are available in English and Spanish. This CASLLS is a companion instrument that may be used at the same time as one of the language CASLLS (Preverbal, PreSentence, Simple Sentence, or Complex Sentence). It follows typical articulation development beginning with suprasegmentals and progressing through complex consonant blends. This CASLLS can be used to enhance motor speech planning and production. Included within this CASLLS are: suprasegmental targets for duration, intensity, and pitch; vowels in isolation, repetitions, alternations, and words. Consonants in isolation, single syllables, repetitions, alternations, words, phrases, and sentences; initial consonant clusters and final clusters in order of motor difficulty.

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